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We create events and content that excite and exhilarate.

Jaw-dropping moments where the world stands still. A buzz that builds and builds. An audience left breathless and open-mouthed. Since 2001, we have created gasps.

Supercar Fest - UK's Premier Supercar Event


Supercar Fest stands as the UK's fastest-growing dynamic supercar event, offering a unique experience that is both family-friendly and highly accessible for visitors, owners, exhibitors, and sponsors. The event showcases a diverse range of activities and features, creating a memorable and inclusive atmosphere.

Event Highlights:

  • Diverse Attractions: From the Supercar Paddock and Hypercar Zone to High-Speed Runway Action, Motorsport Demonstrations, and Silverstone Auctions, Supercar Fest provides an array of attractions for enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Comprehensive Offerings: The event encompasses elements like Car Club Displays, Exhibitor Stands, Classic Cars, Celebrity Guests, Sponsor Enclosures, Live Music, VIP Hospitality, Passenger Rides, and even Weekend Camping, ensuring a dynamic and immersive experience.

Video Production:

GASP Creative took on the role of official show videographers, covering all aspects of the event and producing promotional material, including a captivating highlights program. The video production showcased the excitement, elegance, and accessibility that define Supercar Fest, contributing to its growing reputation in the industry.


Supercar Fest acknowledges the pivotal role played by GASP Creative as the official show videographers. Their expertise in video production captured the essence of the event, showcasing its unique blend of accessibility, family-friendliness, and high-octane excitement. GASP's contribution has been integral to the continued success and growth of Supercar Fest.

GASP Creative took on the role of official show videographers at Supercar Fest



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