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Gasp Creative - About Us - Film Location


We are Content and Video creators for everything events-related. Based in Northamptonshire, we help businesses and brands of all sizes connect, engage, evolve and deliver.


We create rich, immersive experiences for those physically attending or just dipping their toes virtually. Working in sectors as diverse as food and nutrition, fashion, hair and beauty, charitable causes, retail, entertainment and sports.


And we do it right, on time and on budget.

Behind every worldly production is our rockstar team of producers, directors and photographers, moving mountains to make sure your event moves its audience.

From start to finish, initial vision to end celebration.

Glyn Allen - Gasp Creative
David Easton - Gasp Creative
David Easton
Video/Livestream Production
Gasp Creative - Ruth Duggal
Ruth Edmondson 
Audio Visual Manager
Gasp Creative - Jon Preussner

Everything events means exactly that. Not just creating amazing content, but also providing video marketing strategy and communications to ensure your brand reaches the right audience. Boosts engagement. Deliver sales. Maximises your ROI.


We produce events that generate the excitement of a live show, using choreography, artistic direction, lighting, background, superior audio-visual and presenters who sprinkle magic dust on every production.



We’re creative, passionate and clued-up experts in content and video production as well as producing virtual or live events.


But this is so much more about you. Taking the time to understand your business, your audience and your expectations. Working collaboratively and listening to exactly what you want. Because while we're working with you, we're representing your company and your brand.


It’s about making your experience an absolute joy. No hassles and no worries. Making sure we deliver outcomes and ROI that do you proud.

Our services span everything events-related including content creation, video production, event management, photography, live streaming and virtual experiences.


We produce before, during and after event content for businesses and brands of all sizes, locally, nationally and globally.


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