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Cats Protection’s Celebration of Cats National Cat Awards 2023


GASP seamlessly managed event logistics, audio-visual support, and collaborated with Wilton’s Music Hall for the prestigious National Cat Awards 2023. Organised by Cats Protection, the event celebrates the companionship of cats across four categories, culminating in the announcement of the National Cat of the Year.

Event Highlights:

  • Diverse Categories: The National Cat Awards featured categories such as Family Furever, Cat Colleagues, Social Star, and Moggy Marvels, showcasing heartwarming feline tales.

  • Celebrity Host: Best-selling author and cat lover Dawn O’Porter hosted the event, adding charm and enthusiasm to the ceremony.

  • Live Broadcast Integration: GASP seamlessly integrated the Moggy Marvels award presentation into a live broadcast on BBC's The One Show, adding an exciting dynamic to the event.

Event Management Scope:

GASP handled comprehensive event management, logistics, audio-visual support, and collaborated with Wilton’s Music Hall, ensuring the smooth execution of the National Cat Awards with a public and celebrity attendance of 250 guests.


Ashley Fryer, organiser of the National Cat Awards, expressed gratitude for GASP's invaluable contributions, commending their seamless execution and stress-free management. Despite tight timelines and a live link to The One Show, GASP's expertise and collaboration with the in-house team ensured a high-quality event, showcasing their commitment to excellence in event, staging, and AV expertise.

Photography credit Joanna Nicole Photography

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