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Dreams Autumn Roadshow featuring the Above and Beyond Awards 2023

Event Production for Dreams Autumn Roadshow


Dreams, a leading retailer, recently hosted their Autumn Roadshow, a dynamic event organised by GASP Creative at the NEC Birmingham Hilton Metropole. The day featured a strategic reflection on business achievements and future plans as well as unveiling new products in themed rooms for an interactive experience. The pinnacle was the Above and Beyond Awards 2023, a gala honouring outstanding contributions from the Dreams team and partners.

Event Highlights:

  • Strategic Daytime Sessions: Detailed discussions on business accomplishments and future strategies, complemented by hands-on experiences with upcoming products in themed rooms.

  • Above and Beyond Awards 2023: A glamorous evening celebrated with 400 delegates and esteemed partners, recognising exceptional dedication and achievements.

  • Charitable Endeavour: Dreams stores raised an impressive £3205 in a Shelter raffle, embodying the spirit of giving during the festive season.

Event Management Scope:

GASP Creative managed event logistics, audio-visual arrangements, set design and build, as well as video and photography services for the Monarch Suite at the NEC Birmingham Hilton Metropole.


The event's success surpassed expectations, thanks to the collaboration with event partners like GASP Creative. The NEC Birmingham Hilton Metropole provided an ideal backdrop for entertainment, celebration, and fostering meaningful connections.


Special thanks were extended to event partners, especially GASP Creative, for contributing to the event's success and making it even more significant than the previous year. The Dreams Autumn Roadshow exemplified the company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility.



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