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ICG 2023 European Investor Day Highlights Reel


ICG's 2023 European Investor Day brought clients and investment teams together in a global setting, spanning New York, London, Singapore, and Tokyo. Hosted at the Corinthia London, the three-day event attracted over 500 delegates, emphasising the significance of face-to-face interactions in the investment landscape.

Event Highlights:

  • Global Engagement: The annual investor days provided a platform for clients and investment teams to connect across major financial hubs, fostering collaboration and strategic discussions.

  • Corinthia London: The prestigious Corinthia London served as the backdrop for the event, offering a conducive environment for meaningful interactions among over 500 delegates.

Video Production: GASP Creative partnered with the AV production company to facilitate video documentation and live on-location editing. This collaboration ensured seamless capture of key moments, enabling the creation of a dynamic highlights reel to encapsulate the essence of the European Investor Day.

Acknowledgments: GASP expresses gratitude for the collaboration with the AV production company, contributing to the success of ICG's European Investor Day. The partnership played a pivotal role in documenting and presenting the event's highlights, enhancing the overall experience for delegates across multiple global locations.



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