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Starbucks EMEA Retail Forum, London


In a collaborative effort, Starbucks and GASP organised the inaugural Retail Forum in London, exclusively for Starbucks EMEA. The event was a vibrant convergence of energy and passion, setting the tone for collective business endeavours. Focused on unity and a human-centric approach, the forum aimed to inspire performance-driven strategies.

Event Highlights:

  • Collective Vision: The forum emphasized a united approach, championing shared goals and performance strategies through the lens of humanity.

  • Dynamic Collaboration: Serving as a platform for collaboration and inspiration, the event fostered a spirit of partnership and a shared commitment to excellence within the Starbucks EMEA community.

Event Management Scope:

GASP undertook comprehensive event management responsibilities, including logistics, audio-visual elements, set design and construction, room theming, and video and photography services. The event unfolded seamlessly at Studio Spaces, London, hosting 250 in-person guests.


GASP's infusion of passion, professionalism, and creativity into event management was evident throughout the Starbucks EMEA Retail Forum. With phenomenal execution, GASP not only delivered on promises but exceeded expectations. Their continuous commitment showcased their ability to enhance events, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and reinforcing the success of Starbucks' initiatives.



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