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Jaw-dropping moments where the world stands still. A buzz that build and builds. An audience left breathless and open-mouthed. Since 2001, we have created gasps.

UK to Channel Islands - Event Production


This years events have been coming in thick and fast as well as going equally as quick, our feet haven’t touched the ground!

We started this year with a few low keyed events than what we are blogging about for the likes of the NHS for their Nursing & Midwifery Conference 2012 to Honda UK’s, Dealer Conference…

All our events are pushed to the limits using the latest technologies that are available. We pride ourselves on delivery of the best solutions for our clients. Our excitement is taking the clients concept and developing the reality.

This years SBH UK & Ireland’s Annual Awards Ceremony was no different in it’s structure, or that was what we thought from the outset… We were challenged with taking the event away from the UK to the Channel Islands and what seemed a simple logistics operation was rapidly becoming a full time project. In-conjunction with the hotel solutions company we were tasked with not only the travel for our 35 crew, but the shipping of the AV equipment, sets, client equipment as well as any third party equipment, all this on top of the main reason for going, the 250 SBH delegates & SBH event team. I’m not one to blow our own trumpet, but the logistics were seamless!

Of course we had our own challenges to make it all work but as we were working with like minded professionals who know what their how to cater for this kind of event it was made even more simple. I would like to thank personally the Hotel De France in Jersey for their constant professionalism and help throughout our stay and a recommendation for anyone traveling to Jersey in the future.

So moving on to our stay however short felt like a whirl wind with the best blank canvas to work with to date, with limited restrictions. Our set was designed in 3D by the Show Producer Glyn Allen (Please see the concept images attached to this post). The concept was pitched to the client with very few tweaks and requests and was designed to be flexible especially when budgets changed. The space with which we worked allowed us to accurately produce the reality of the three dimensional concept design, again shown the finished creation is shown in the attached images. The icing on the cake for us was when the guest walked in, the gasp’s and stopping to take photo’s causing a bottle neck in to the great hall. We got it right!

Topping this all off with a high class host, BBC Radio 1′s Reggie Yates and an up and coming act the Loveable Rogues who are signed to Simon Cowell’s, SYCO MUSIC label all made for a first class awards ceremony.

Please check out the video if you haven’t already and gives us some feed back of what you think? Remember if you do need a company to facilitate your event why not drop us a line…

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