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We create events and content that excite and exhilarate.

Jaw-dropping moments where the world stands still. A buzz that builds and builds. An audience left breathless and open-mouthed. Since 2001, we have created gasps.

UK to the Channel Islands - Event Production


GASP undertook the challenge of organising the SBH UK & Ireland Annual Awards Ceremony in the Channel Islands, a departure from the event's traditional UK setting. The event aimed to recognise and reward top-performing store managers and featured a significant £10,000 prize.

Event Highlights:

  • Channel Islands Venue: The event moved from the UK to the Channel Islands, presenting logistical challenges that were seamlessly overcome by GASP's team.

  • Immersive Set Design: Show Producer Glyn Allen designed a 3D set concept, which, when realised, evoked gasps from attendees and prompted photo-taking, creating a memorable and immersive experience

Event Management Scope:

GASP managed the comprehensive event logistics, including travel for a 35-person crew, shipping of AV equipment, sets, client equipment, and third-party equipment. The main focus was on ensuring the smooth travel and operation of 250 SBH delegates and the SBH event team.


The Hotel De France in Jersey received personal thanks for their constant professionalism and support. GASP's collaboration with like-minded professionals and meticulous logistics ensured a seamless execution. The immersive set design, from concept to reality, garnered positive reactions from attendees, marking the event's success and highlighting GASP's commitment to delivering exceptional event experiences.



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