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We create events and content that excite and exhilarate.

Jaw-dropping moments where the world stands still. A buzz that builds and builds. An audience left breathless and open-mouthed. Since 2001, we have created gasps.

Delivering The Future Together

SBH UK & Ireland Event Production

The Client

Over the past few year’s we have been working along side SBH Uk & Ireland to help logistically plan and execute all of their internal events and conferences from the half year and annual business reviews to their weekend of high class awards.

Rebrand Communication & Annual Business Reviews delivered into the business.

Our experienced team worked on a concept a long side the internal team at SBH UK & Ireland to create something which was friendly, useable and timeless for the company. This concept has now been used over the past 3 years of Business Reviews including the original event ‘Delivering the Future’. GASP Creative was engaged to help when SBH shook up it’s infrastructure. Their need was a vehicle to deliver their message and new direction for the business without the frills. We set to work not only on the AV (audio visual) side of the presentation but with the branding of the ‘Delivering the Future’ designs and execution. The event was deemed a success in communicating to the companies higher management team’s and delivering the re-brand of the SBH UK & Ireland company brand identity as well as the re-brand of their retail and trade brand identities, Sally & Salon Services. The concept is shown in our set images which also show how it has been changed from the original. It is now simple and effective and will continue for the future.


  • Brand Design

  • Print Creative

  • Video Creative Production

  • Event Planning & Logistics

  • AV Facilitation

    • Set & Stage Creative Design & Build

    • Sound Design

    • Lighting Design



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