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We create events and content that excite and exhilarate.

Jaw-dropping moments where the world stands still. A buzz that build and builds. An audience left breathless and open-mouthed. Since 2001, we have created gasps.

It’s the main event of your calendar and it can’t just be OK. It has to be something special. Inspirational, transformative, unforgettable. The stage should be set for amazing.

Gasp Creative will bring your vision to life. From concept to completion and everything in-between. It will engage your audience, enthuse and excite them, leave them gasping for more. 


We plan, organise, theme, brand, design, market, produce, co-ordinate, build, stage and package every little detail and every single element.

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Specialising in fast turn around visual content to captivate your audience. We create content that is seen, shared and sells. Our content seduces the viewer, engages their interest, creates emotion, encourages sharing and ultimately, drives sales.

Branded content, business promos, product launches, live shows to video highlights and social media content. From strategy and scriptwriting to live filming and image capture, Gasp Creative deliver at every point of the event’s lifecycle.


Video, photography and digital media for before during and after your event.

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Gasp Creative shakes engagement right out of the tree, creating and producing flawless video content that fires everybody up.

The future of live events are now live streamed, virtual or hybrid experiences. Businesses and large-scale organisations are gravitating to a multi purpose reality where audiences now attend and interact online as well as in person. 

So, it’s crucially important that the content and production is spot-on and top notch. It must be immersive, enthralling and exciting.

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Moving Mountains For You

Behind every worldly production is our rockstar team of producers, directors and photographers, moving mountains to make sure your event moves its audience. From start to finish, initial vision to end celebration.

Maximising Your ROI

We produce events that generate the excitement of a live show, using choreography, artistic direction, lighting, background, superior audio-visual and presenters who sprinkle magic dust on every production.

Crafting Inspiration

We craft inspirational words, emotive imagery, creative design, high impact animation and unforgettable events. Our experienced & professional teams work tirelessly to bring you the most innovative creative solutions for the devices your audiences use today – and the ones they’ll choose tomorrow.

Cutting Edge Technology

The world of digital is fast-moving and we’re focused with being at the cutting edge. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we will always look to integrate the newest technologies and strategies into your campaigns. 

We Are Everything Events

Everything events means exactly that. Not just creating amazing content, but also providing video marketing strategy and communications to ensure your brand reaches the right audience and boosts engagement.

Beginning At The End

We begin at the end – with your audience. Everything we do is designed and created with the end-user in mind, then we work backwards to put together a creative solution that works first time, every time. 

A Joined Up Approach

We take a joined-up approach, ensuring that everything we do for you is fully integrated with your existing brand and company ethos – creative solutions that your existing audience will understand, and which will attract new clients.

Complete Satisfaction

The driving force behind every project is a solid, tangible strategy based exclusively on your objectives. The GASP Team will steadfastly follow this strategy through the entire creative process to ensure your complete satisfaction with every project.


Hair Show Event Production Set Up & Ready To Go

Hair Show set up and ready to go

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