Video content is here, and it’s here to stay. The number of viewers on Youtube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites is growing exponentially year on year. It’s increasingly how we’re absorbing our online content, and that’s not just through a computer at home. We’re watching it on mobile devices as we move around our daily lives. We know about video because we’ve been making it for over two decades.


We know about video because we’ve been making it for over two decades.


The versatility of video is mind-blowing, and a 10-second viral video can be as impactful as a 10-minute documentary. We create live-action and animated content, combining them in ingenious ways to make your audience sit up, watch, listen and share. For every video project we undertake, we start with a clear strategy based on your desired outcome.


A great script or structure is the bedrock for every video project – the foundations around which the visuals are built. We have a team of specialist skilled writers who turn your vision into words that all the other team members along the way can easily follow and build on. Every script is carefully thought out and structured, dictating the style, pace and tone of the video.


Once we have agreed on the script and structure with you, we can begin to map out the visuals. Where possible, we will provide storyboards in visual or written formats to help you get a clear picture of how your video will look. We will think about locations, lighting, production design and on-screen talent, and keep you in the loop to make sure we’re on track.


When a video is planned to the GASP degree, the filming process is the easy bit. If it’s live action, we use the best and most appropriate people and equipment for the job. This could be the cinematic scope of a HD DSLR, the real-time quality of a documentary camera, the quirkiness of an action camera, or the unique perspective of the quad-copter. We can orchestrate a shoot pretty much anywhere – on land, in the air, underwater, or in a studio. If it’s animation, we will have already planned out the sequence and mocked-up the visuals, so it’s just a case of making them move. We will provide you with approval edits so you can be involved in the process, and ultimately sign it off.


Combining audio with visuals can create powerful results if you get it right. We have years of experience in selecting the right voices and music for your project, and we have a vast database of voice-over professionals at our disposal, and access to thousands of music tracks and original composers. We’re also skilled at recording, editing, mixing and treating any field audio we have collected, so that every message is heard with absolute clarity.


Once we have put everything together and you are happy with the finished video, we will then deliver it in all the formats you require for your viewing platforms. One size does not fit all, so we will encode the video in as many different formats as you need. What’s the point in putting in all the hard work at every stage, only to find your viewers are watching your video at a low quality? Getting the format right is the icing on the cake for your viewers’ experience.


Telling GREAT stories can change the world.

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