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Behind The Scenes Filming of Table Art by CCS!

Finally we have finished the behind the scenes video from our fantastic shoot which took us over to the Island of Jersey to work with one of the countries most exciting chef talents in Shaun Rankin.

We were to work in his restaurant Bohemia as part of our conjunction with CCS to capture the essence of what Shaun is producing from this beautiful Island. Having worked abroad previously in Europe and on summer tours with Manchester United, I was only too aware of the complications with getting kit abroad. Having shot the behind the scene film for Chris Eden and Alyn Williams I new only too well that this shot in the exotic location need the same loving care, but only having a limited amount of space I really had to condense my gear. Stripping out the bag was not as hard as you my expect, I got out the largest suit case I owned. i filled it with the clothing I would need for the trip keeping everything to a minimum I then fill the case with my stripped down Glidetrack slider, Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod and Redrockmicro minimised rig all this was bubble wrapped to protect the kit from the rigours of the airplane baggage men. The camera Canon EOS 5D MK3, 50mm f1.2 & 24-70mm f2.8 lenses only, Small HD DP4 EVF, Zoom H4n Digital Recorder, Sennheiser Radio Mic and GoPro & rigs all this packed in the camera bag and taken on board.

Amazingly all was smooth & easy, suitcases all checked in. No questions asked, No security issues and all the luggage was there on arrival! Just what we need to happen.

We arrived at the restaurant the day before the shoot to meet with Shaun and go through what we were planning to shoot and to see what Shaun felt would work best on certain crockery etc etc. For me the recce was more about looking for potential shoot locations around the area and trying to access where I could gain some shelter from the sun for the daylight element and also a place to use as a studio for the more advanced lighting setups.

The recce day was boiling hot with not a cloud in the sky and the forecast was the same for the shoot day which was brilliant Craig could see exactly where the sun would be at certain times of the day and we scheduled the order of shooting around this information. My job was slightly easier than Craig’s as I needed to follow the shoot but also needed to get extra kitchen filming to show the master Shaun Rankin at work.

Craig had already decided that for this particular shoot that he would work on the Canon 1DS MK3, as he knows the camera inside out and with the great selection of lenses for various styles he was going to adopt for this occasion. From the filming point of view and working closely with Craig on multiple projects we knew when we packed the kit that we didn’t need to double up on lenses again keeping the kit weight down in transit, this gave me use of 70-200mm f2.8 and a few other choices.

Lighting as you will see from the video is a mix of mainly daylight with reflectors and also some strobe work using the Profoto Pro7a and 2 pro heads with various light shaping tools and reflectors. The behind the scenes footage is all shot on the Canon 5d MK3 giving us the ability to shoot without extra lighting a must when shooting high profile food photography as we don’t want to interferer with lighting set up’s.

We will be starting to show more indepth blog posts on this feature shoot in the next month or so which will be discussing the kit used and individual shots used for the magazine publication.

We are also already planning our next food shoot which is very hush hush but very exciting! See an image from the shoot below which was used in the magazine.


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