The Xmas Factor!

By now you have probably seen our Christmas Card, but we wanted to share a little more and tell you about the star of the card and production process we went through.

Last year was the start of something special when I took it upon my self to produce a family Christmas card that ended up as GASP’s corporate Christmas card also.

I started at the auditioning process which was surprisingly easy as I only had one child, Isla aged 3. She exploded with excitement when we started talking about dressing up, especially as a Christmas Princess! The camera seemed to take control and loved what poses she was executing. All that was left was to get some extras in who then took it to the next level. Last years card was such a success that I was challenged to do the same this year!

So, on went the thinking cap and hey presto! we dress my little girl (now aged 4) in a santa outfit with a sack as big as she was and stuck her on top of her wendy house with a reindeer, called Rudolf…

The Christmas scene was now set and once again the camera and I was excited to shoot the images that you can see on this years card. Oh and Isla was the director on this shoot as well as the model. Check out the video which can be seen below, she is a funny girl…!

Can’t wait till next year…

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