Events are a speciality at GASP. We have extensive experience in organizing, designing, co-ordinating and staging events for a range of clients and sectors. These include fashion shows, awards ceremonies, and corporate conferences. With GASP, you will get a fully comprehensive events service, from designing and building your sets, through audiovisual management and artistic direction to live entertainment. We know we only have one chance to get everything right, and we do… every time. When GASP is managing your event, you’re in safe hands.


Logistics Design & Build
Every element to make a fantastic event.


Event Management, Logistics & Planning, Theming, AV Supply & Installation, Set Design & Build, Stage Design & Build, Sound Design, Projection Design, Lighting and Truss Design, VT, Filming, Editing, Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, Live Filming, Music Design, Celebrity Entertainment, Entertainment, Celebrity Hosts, Hosts, Dance Choreography, Venue Search, Corporate Days.


As with everything we do, your event starts with a strategy. We will work with you to find out the purpose and size of your event, your audience, your objectives and your timescale. You might have a fully pronounced vision when you come to us, in which case we will work with you to make your vision a reality. Or you might want the wow-factor, but aren’t sure how to pull it off. We can provide as much creative input as you need. From our initial meetings with you, we will then put together our strategy, which will become the blue print for your event.


This is where we get to work on contracting, scheduling, theming, location scouting and set design. As soon as we know when and where your event will take place, everything else can be planned around it. The space available will dictate the set design and the AV requirements, and the theme will dictate the activities and entertainment. At every stage we will present visuals of how the different elements of your event design will look and fit together.


This is where the building and booking takes place. Once you have signed off the design and visuals, we can start to build sets and create any event collateral you need. You might require video content to be screened during your event, which will be produced during this phase. We will also meticulously plan your audiovisual requirements and assemble all the required technology. This could include the PA system and video/ audio playback equipment, equipment required for live performances, multi-camera filming systems, location editing facilities and live-streaming capabilities. At this stage we will also scout and book any live entertainment you require. This could be presenters, bands and musicians, dancers, performers etc. We will also arrange any special licensing requirements such as pyrotechnic licenses.


With the meticulous planning undertaken, the event itself will run like clockwork. We will put in place event managers to run every part of the event, such as Stage Manager, AV Director, and Delegate Liaison Manager. Every member of the event crew will have radio talk-back capabilities so that we can ensure constant communication. Due to the careful planning and strategizing that has gone into your event, we are confident it will run smoothly, but we are also incredibly resourceful and adaptable, and are able to deal calmly with any hiccups beyond our control.


After any event we will always sit down with you to de-brief. For us this is just as important as any other stage of the event planning, because it allows us to understand the experience of every member of the event team, and if improvements can be made. We want to establish long working relationships with our clients, and the only way we can do this is to ensure we are all working from the same page to deliver a successful event. Large events can involve many complex and intricate details, so the evaluation will help us all to understand whether every element worked in the way it was intended, and achieved the desired results.


Combining audio with visuals can create powerful results for any event.

Event Services

Event Management

Planning. Research. Logistics. Budgeting. Negotiating.
Scheduling. Marketing. Reporting. Analysis.

Event Planning & Development

Concept. Theming. Set Design & Illustration 2D/3D. Room / Table Layout & Design. Menu. Activities. Delegate Registration.

Event Sourcing & Contracting

Venues. Catering. Activities. Entertainment. Hosts. Guest Speakers. Dancers & Choreographers. Spokes Models. Security. Third-Party Suppliers.

Event Marketing

Campaign Creative Design. Promotional Micro Site Development. Digital Campaigns. Viral Video Concept & Production. Print Collateral. Target Database Led Campaigns.

Event AV Design, Development & Installation

Set. Stage. Sound. Projection. Lighting. Prompting / Auto-Cue.

Even Content Pre-Production

Campaign Creative. Artistic Direction. Scripting. Scheduling.
Keynote / PowerPoint Design. VT Film & Motion Graphics Production. Music Design. Voice-Overs.

Event Content Production

Show Direction. Stage Managment.
Control Desk Technical & Operation. Live Filming. Video Documentation. Broadcast Mixed Record Filming. Photography Documentation. Art Direction. Dance Choreography. Catwalk Choreography. Prompting / Auto-Cue. Security.

Event Content Post-Production

Promotional Video Edit Production. E-Commerce Solution. Photography Processing. Analytics & reporting. Event Debriefing.

Event Types Catered

Fashion Shows. Annual Awards Ceremonies. Business Conferences. Corporate Team Building Activities. Commercial Product Launches. Charity Fundraisers. Music Concerts. Sporting Testimonials. Seasonal Themed Parties. Roadshows.

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